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Hacia una Nueva Noción de Frontera en El Masacre se Pasa Pie de Freddy Prestol Castillo


Modern Languages & Literatures


College of Liberal Arts and Sciences

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This paper examines the redefinition of the cultural border between Haiti and the Dominican Republic in the novel El Masacre se pasa a pie, by Freddy Prestol Castillo. It argues that the virulent anti-Haitian sentiment expressed by one of the novel's characters contradicts his spatial and symbolic displacement toward the Haitian Other, which turns his purported hatred for Haitians into a hatred for himself. On the other hand, by renouncing a notion of identity that would require for him to choose the side of the men in charge of carrying out the killings of thousands of Haitians living in Dominican territory, this character replaces the geographical border between Haiti and the Dominican Republic with an ethical one separating the victims form the perpetrators.

Conference Name

XXX International Congress of the Latin American Studies Association

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San Francisco, CA

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