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Proposing a Restaurant Preference Behavior Model for Casual Dining Patrons


Hospitality & Tourism Management


College of Community and Public Service

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The purpose of the present paper was to build a model (tool) which will support research of the consumer preferences, behaviors and feelings regarding restaurants. To control its usefulness (applicability), the model was tested on two different populations. Based on the synthesis of the existing methods one universal tool was proposed: Restaurant Preference Behaviors (RPB). Studying preferences with respect to casual dining restaurants is difficult, because of the service complexity. Preferences are influences not only by individual feelings (perceptions), but also by cultural aspects. Over 900 questionnaires were administered. Analysis included descriptive statistical tests. Univariate analysis, and p-values computed for the null hypothesis (assumed that the means of the two populations are equal). T-tests, standard deviation and F-tests looked at population variances. The null hypotheses was rejected. Correlations were calculated between the selected pairs of variables. An alternative way of exploring relations between the responses is cluster analysis in our case, Ward's hierarchical clustering method was applied. Conclusion: There are useful existing tools to investigate satisfaction from services provided by the restaurants, which also indirectly include the research of preferences. There are also tools for studying consumer behaviors, taking into account restaurant preferences at different forms and levels. However, the proposed RPB model provides a new ability to study restaurant preferences specifically. Using the designed tool, it was possible to identify preferences regarding the restaurants (it is an efficient measuring tool). Using the tool for two different populations provided the framework to examine and show how the populations differ from each other.

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Consumer Behavior in Tourism Symposium 2011 (CBTS 2011)

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Bruneck/Brunico, South Tyrol, Italy

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