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Alliance Healthcare Network: Using A Balanced Scorecard to Motivate Change


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Seidman College of Business

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This case considers the use of a balanced scorecard in motivating change to an organizational culture in a hospital information technology (IT) setting. The company presented owns a number of hospitals and uses a consolidated IT system with a comprehensive electronic health record. As new hospitals are acquired, the organizational culture must be assimilated with that of the parent company. Students are encouraged to discuss the difficulties of change in an organization and to think about how performance measures can be used to assist in change. Objectives of the case are 1) to integrate performance measures and strategy into a motivational framework, 2) to provide a situation for understanding cost-benefit tradeoffs of a consolidated IT, 3) to foster an understanding of incentives and motivation for different types of individuals, and 4) to expose students to some current issues in healthcare management.

Conference Name

2012 Management Accounting Section Research and Case Conference

Conference Location

Houston, Texas

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