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Capitalizing on Industry Partnerships to Improve Assessment Processes


School of Engineering


Padnos College of Engineering and Computing

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A comprehensive approach to industry partnerships can provide multiple types of measures and feedback mechanisms to assess program educational objectives and program outcomes. Industry-sponsored projects for the senior capstone experience as well as in other undergraduate courses, and cooperative education/internship programs directly address ABET's criteria that students are prepared for engineering practice through a curriculum incorporating appropriate engineering standards and multiple realistic constraints. Constituent input regarding students' knowledge and preparation is provided in multiple and varied ways through direct feedback mechanisms in the workplace (interviews and evaluations) and in the classroom through project work (consultative meetings, design reviews, evaluations). This workshop will share how one institution has developed these processes for involving industry constituents in direct assessments of the academic programs. Examples of multi-faceted experiences with industry partners will be presented along with measurement tools, use of data and feedback loops for programmatic assessment.

Conference Name

ABET Symposium

Conference Location

St. Louis, MO

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