Faculty Scholarly Dissemination Grants


Integration of Professional Skills and Academic Content during Co-op Semesters via Distance Learning Modules: Review of Results from a Pilot Program


School of Engineering


Padnos College of Engineering and Computing

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Distance-learning modules, with content coverage of professional skills and ABET-required outcomes, were developed and delivered during co-op semesters. The modules covered engineering ethics and professionalism, communication, engineering economy, and project management. Content of the modules was selected to enhance the experience of the student in the workplace, providing a unique opportunity for the students to apply what they were learning. The scaffolded curriculum was designed to accommodate the logistics of three, mandatory co-op semesters and the maturity level of the students. This session will discuss results from the pilot program run during 2011.

Conference Name

Conference for Industry and Education Collaboration

Conference Location

Orlando, Florida

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