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Do We Have an Ethical Obligation to Consider Creating and Using Open Education Resources?




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As an editor for, author of a piece in, and user of Writing Spaces, an open source textbook, I have seen the advantages that open source texts have over traditional textbooks for both teacher and student. As an editor, I see, through the proposals, what writing professionals in our field value and wish to pass on to their students. As an author, I have a voice in passing on to students across the country what I have seen that they want and need to know. As a user, I have been grateful for the help that my colleagues have given me. Finally, my students have informed methat they have learned quite a bit from these texts, and have also told mehow grateful they are to meand the publisher for not having to pay for another textbook. In my presentation, I will highlight the advantages of the open source model, point out drawbacks I have encountered, and use my experiences to show that open source textbook technology has now matured to a point where they are viable and valuable additions to composition classrooms.

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Computers and Writing Conference

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Ann Arbor, MI

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