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Achieving Excellence in Sustainability: A Case Study of Grand Valley State University




Seidman College of Business

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Today, GVSU is nationally and internationally recognized as a leader in the area of sustainability. Their unique grass-roots approach to sustainability over the past decade has earned those laurels and top rankings. In this paper, by means of an extensive case analysis, we will demonstrate how sustainability became valued at GVSU and how it is now engrained in the University's culture. In our analysis, by means of an integrated diagram, we will address all the major areas, accomplishments, and savings that GVSU has achieved through the application of sustainability principles in the areas of campus operations, educational curriculum, student involvement, and community engagement. We will clearly illustrate how our faculty and students are engaged with the community through sustainability projects organized through the Sustainability Community Development Initiative. We hope that the systems, processes, and tools that we discuss in our paper will benefit other educational institutions that are planning to or are currently in the process of embarking on sustainability. In order to help other institutions, we will present a road map that clearly depicts processes, milestones, and challenges that need to be addressed for success.

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12th International Conference of the Society of Global Business and Economic Development

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