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Conference in the Classroom: Teaching wtih Technology


Modern Languages & Literatures


College of Liberal Arts and Sciences

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In the foreign language methods classroom, teacher educators strive to model the practices they promote and to mentor student teachers in effective uses of technological tools. This session describes a project using synchronous computer-mediated communication to model techniques for incorporating technology in classroom language learning and provide a platform for critical dialogue. Two methods instructors collaborated to organize a conference in the classroo, which addresses technology's dual role (Fulton, 1998), making it both the content of instruction and a tool for instruction. The mini technology conference consisted of a panel of university researchers and practitioners in FLA/technology from several different states who presented ideas and projects via Skype. The pre-service teachers in the FL methods class then had the opportunity to engage in professional discourse on a timely topic with experts from the field and with each other. The conference in the classroom enabled teachers-in-training to discuss the role and use of technology in language learning with experts from the field of FLA/technology, all while experiencing this tool as students and conference participants. Based on post-conference comments from students and panelists, we argue that this multi-dimensional application of technology has enormous potential not only for demonstrating effective use of technology, but also for providing access to academic and professional discourse communities beyond the classroom and university.

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Kentucky Foreign Language Conference

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Lexington, KY

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