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An Exploratory Analysis of the Prevalence of Teen Sexting


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College of Community and Public Service

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Sexting, which is the act of sending, receiving, or forwarding nude or sexually explicit photographs or messages using a cell phone or other electronic device, has recently generated a great deal of media attention. Across the nation, stories have emerged detailing incidents of teenagers involved in sending these messages that have resulted in prosecution on child pornography charges and some teens have been required to register as a sex offender on state sex offender registries. There have also been instances of teens committing suicide after an explicit message was shared with others beyond its intended recipient. Despite these stories, there is a lack of scholarly research on the prevalence and nature of sexting. The current research attempts to add to this scant body of knowledge by examining the nature and prevalence of sexting among a sample of teenagers to better understand the scope of the issue.

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American Society of Criminology Annual Meeting

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San Francisco, CA

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