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I was responsible for organizing the following two sessions and will serve as session chair for the first session: I. Folklore and Mythology I: East Asian Varieties Nov. 5, Saturday 8:30am - 10:00am 1."Fashion Can be Dangerous: Clothing Omens in Medieval China" by Suzanne Cahill, University of California, San Diego 2."Our Mothers: Boccaccio s Eve and Liu Xiang s Two Wives of King Shun" by Sherry Mou, DePauw University 3. "Myth for Myth: Motifs from Japanese Folklore and Mythology Used to Create or Support Myth of Japanese Sexuality in Russian Literature" by Linda Galvane, Osaka University II. Folklore and Mythology II: Ritual and Archetype Nov. 5, Saturday 1:30pm - 3:00pm 1."Controlling Fluid Desire: Engendering Samatvam in The Mahabharata XV and Masculine Ritual Anxiety in The Odyssey XI" by Steve Adisasmito-Smith, California State University Fresno 2."A Yoruban Narrative for Western Romance: The Palm-Wine Drunkard and Northrop Frye s Notion of Romance" byAnthony Scoggins, San Francisco State University 3."Searching for the Big Rock Candy Mountain:The Hero Quest in Contemporary American Memoirs About Riding Freight Trains" by Jessica Erica Hahn, San Francisco State University 4."The Medea Myth: The Continuation of a Marginalizing Legend" by James Hearne, Western Washington University.

Conference Name

109th Annual Conference

Conference Location

Scripps College, Claremont, California

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