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Dealing with Public Order under the Community Policing Paradigm


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College of Community and Public Service

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Due to a number of high profile protest across the US and the diverse strategies used to police those demonstrations this paper will explore whether dealing with public order offenses and associated violence ca be dealt with effectively under the community policing paradigm.The philosophy of community policing emphasizes an alliance between the police and community. This alliance produced several factors not found in traditional policing, although recognized in Sir Robert Peels nine principles of policing in 1829. These factors included: improving police-community relations, crime prevention, reducing the fear of crime, and facilitating responses to community problems through cooperation between the community and other social service agencies. The question raised is whether inappropriate police strategies dealing with public order protest will destroy or damage the police public relationship required for effective policing under this policing paradigm.

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Academy of CriminalJustice Sciences

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New York, NY

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