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Collaborative Mentoring Experiences Between PETE Faculty and Majors


Movement Science


College of Liberal Arts and Sciences

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Presentations, grants, journal articles, leadership retreats. This session will provide information on how PETE faculty and PE majors can work together to develop collaborative mentoring relationships. The presenter will share her experiences (and activities) working collaboratively with physical education majors as a way of mentoring them into the profession. Second Presentation This session will discuss a variety of methods that PETE faculty can implement to help pre-service teachers get more out of their college courses. We will focus on ways the instructor of the course can create engaging and meaningful learning environments for students. These students will then be more likely to engage in the class and use the information in their own classes once they graduate. Sharing personal experiences (both the instructor and student), using case studies, self-selecting projects/topics, mentoring outside of class time, collaborating on papers/presentations, etc... are just a few of the methods that will be shared by the presenters.

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Southwest District Alliance for Health Physical Education and Dance

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