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Narratives for Mentoring Faculty Members in the Prevention and Handling of Classroom Incivilities




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Incidents of classroom incivility vary from mild annoyances (e.g., sleeping or texting in class) to serious disruptions (e.g., cyber-stalking or mobbing), with petty incidents far outnumbering the rare serious incidents. This paper presents a series of narratives designed for mentoring faculty members, particularly those who are relatively inexperienced, by prompting discussion of how to prevent and respond to classroom incivilities. While all seven narratives describe incidents of relatively mild incivility, several describe incidents that have the potential to escalate into seriously harmful disruptions. The information provided in each brief narrative is sufficient to provide a basis for a substantive discussion of strategies for preventing and handling the incivilities. The narratives are particularly appropriate for use in peer mentoring, which side-steps some of the problems that can result from status asymmetry and information asymmetry in more traditional mentoring.

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World Association for Case Method Research & Application

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Stockholm, Sweden

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