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Love at First Query: Agents and Authors Share Strategies for Falling in Literary Love




College of Liberal Arts and Sciences

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Event description: Searching for the right agent or author is complicated. Someforge tight bonds from their first collaboration, while others break up only to reconnect with new, more appropriate counterparts. Is there a formula for a perfect relationship between an artist and his or her representation, or is it all luck of the draw? These agents and authors will share their stories of successful connections, and present strategies and techniques for others to find their own mutually beneficial partnerships. Statement of merit: Without agents, authors would struggle to navigate today's complex literary marketplace, and without authors, literary agents would be out of a job. The path between these two parties, though, is not always a smooth one. This panel addresses strategies for bringing agents and authors together to serve a mutual goal (creating new, quality literature) and it will feature representatives from both groups to demystify that connection process for those still searching for their perfect partners.

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AWP Writers Conference

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Washington, DC

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