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I've been appointed USA delegate to the world Congress in Tromso, Norway where I'll also be standing for election as Vice-President of the Intl. Amateur Theatre Assn. (AITA/IATA). My duties will include representing the USA at all Congress sessions and presenting reports on amateur theatre activity in the U.S. to that body. Additionally, I'll participate in all Congress business of Executive Board meetings, elections, and debate/voting on other Congress matters. While attending the Congress sessions, I'll also participate in the Festival activities of attending play performances from global theatres, participating in acting & directing performance workshops, and establishing contacts with festival organizers to continue my GVSU activities of leading students on overseas field studies experiences. I plan to disseminate my insights into global arts management by continuing to publish on this subject, infusing international perspectives into my General Education course on global arts, and editing/publishing the newsletter of the North American Region Amateur Theatre Association.

Conference Name

30th World Congress & Festival

Conference Location

Tromso, Norway

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