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Forrest Armstrong Biography


Liberal Studies


Brooks College of Interdisciplinary Studies

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This biographical presentation on Forrest Armstrong, founding member of AIS and administrator at Grand Valley, will highlight personal and professional narratives, career highlights, contributions, and his commitments to integrative learning. Presentation Proposal: Integrative Learning and a Value Centered Life Forrest Armstrong (1943-2000) was a founding member of AIS and influential administrator at Grand Valley from the early 1980s. In his life, teaching, and administrative career he sought to create educational experiences and environments that fostered meaningful dialogue, value-centered action, and integrative learning. This presentation, compiled both through personal interviews with those who knew him as well as a wonderful written and visual record of his accomplishments, will celebrate his contributions and offer a model for those seeking to create integrative learning opportunities into their academic lives.

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Association for Integrative Studies

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Grand Rapids, Michigan

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