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Working in 3-Part Harmony: Expectations of Student Teachers, Cooperating Teachers and University Coordinators


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We believe as do other researchers that: student teaching practice in the school serves as the most significant factor in the shaping of the student teachers' experience of training to be a teacher (Lanier & Little, 1986; Ben-Peretz, 1995; Tang, 2003, as cited in Rajuan, Beijaar, & Verloop, 2007, p. 223. Much of the research on teacher preparation programs has focused primarily on mentor roles, lacking are the perspectives of student teachers and their cooperating teachers (Zanting et al., 2001b). Further investigation found (a) a major gap in research, neglecting to examine university field coordinator/university liaison's experience(s) and (b) a distinct dichotomy between theory and practice, dividing what researchers prescribe to situations and what is actually done by teacher preparation programs. Expanding upon the research we asked: What are somesimilarities and differences in the expectations of student teachers, university field coordinators, and cooperating teachers concerning the role of the cooperating teacher? Methodology The participants for our study were solicited from two semesters (i.e. fall 2009 and winter 2010) and consisted of volunteers from three distinct groups: student teachers, cooperating teachers, and university field coordinators. Focus group discussion sessions were conducted with each group, using 8-12 questions related to experiences and relationships with and among the three groups. Each session was recorded, transcribed, and coded using QSR NVivo 8. This research used the previous work of Calderhead and Shorrock's (1997) theoretical schemeof five category perspectives based on individual beliefs and values to teaching and teacher education (also used by Rajuan, et al., 2007).

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