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MIPSUnit: A Unit Testing Framework for MIPS Assembly


School of Computing and Information Systems


Padnos College of Engineering and Computing




MIPSUnit is a unit test framework for MIPS assembly. MIPSUnit's primary benefit is that it reduces the time needed to verify the correctness of assembly language assignments. It also provides a time-efficient means for providing students additional testing experience. We believe that students should be exposed to testing throughout the curriculum --- including their Computer Organization and/or Assembly Language courses. MIPSUnit is a suite of two tools: \MUnit, which allows users to test their assembly code with JUnit tests, and MSpec, which uses RSpec-style unit tests. We have found that MSpec's Ruby-like syntax allows us to quickly prepare a suite of comprehensive tests with which we can thoroughly test student submissions. However, when requiring students to write their own tests, we refer them to MUnit, because our students tend to be much more comfortable with Java and JUnit than Ruby and RSpec.

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