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Immigration and Identity in England and Russia The Cases of London, and Moscow


School of Public, Nonprofit & Health Administration


College of Community and Public Service

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Social and Behavioral Sciences


The UKs recent experience with immigration issues is contrasted with the roots and current practices of the Russian approaches. This research is based on sabbatical placement as a Fulbright scholar at Moscow State University during Winter/Spring 2014. This research identifies the convergence and divergence of immigration/migration policies in London and Moscow. New Immigration patterns are having a profound effect on World Cities. This paper explores the changing attitudes, policies and practices of the immigrant experience and policies and programs in London and Moscow shaped by globalization patterns, national policy and security concerns. In Moscow, undocumented workers are estimated to constitute 4-5 million people. The search for unity in the city reflects new ideals of cultural diversity and extends beyond the city to profoundly influence all aspects of economic, social and political life. This paper explores the common challenges and opportunities posed by a massive demographic transition through a comparative framework. The UK experience with immigration policies is contrasted with the current practices and policies of the Russian approaches through a complex interplay of local action, state and federal legislation and global forces.

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45th Annual Conference of the Urban Affairs Association

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Miami, FL

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