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The impacts of state versus national tourism industry volunteer experiences


Hospitality & Tourism Management Department


College of Community and Public Service

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Social and Behavioral Sciences


Little is known regarding the impact of tourism industry professionals volunteer efforts. Volunteer opportunities at the national level have shown to increase industry connectedness and pride (Janes & Stansbie, in press). Even less is known regarding the impacts of a statewide initiative. Tourism professionals from across industry disciplines and geographic areas within a state participated in two volunteer events where they engaged in a familiarization tour of the local destination and a full day clean-up effort helping to restore a historic attraction. These events were developed through a volunteer partnership between government, educational, non-profit, and private/commercial tourism enterprises. Respondents answered an online questionnaire within two weeks of each event to determine event expectations, satisfaction, motivation, and impacts. Initial data analysis confirms findings of the national volunteer efforts, however, also indicate a greater connectedness, motivation, networking, and business outcomes. Findings will bridge a gap between various types of individuals who volunteer, as well as the tourism industry evaluating the impact of their own volunteer efforts. Recommendations will further highlight the rewards of local/regional efforts beyond those of the national volunteer opportunities within the tourism community as well as sharing how a multi industry partnership has developed such a system.

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Assoc for Tourism and Leisure Education and Research (ATLAS)

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Budapest, Hungry

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