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Below is the proposal I submitted to the Mid-American Printmaking Council for the group printmaking portfolio: The Evolving System. The portfolio has been accepted for the conference and will be presented at Whitdel Arts in downtown Detroit, MI during and after the conference. I will be at opening of the exhibit and will be giving a presentation about the portfolio. The conference website: http://www.art.wayne.edu/MAPC2014/index.html ___________________________________________________________ The Evolving System A portfolio exploring the theme: Print City Curator: Bill Hosterman at hostermw@gvsu.edu This portfolio investigates the relationship between the dynamics of a working system that allows and accepts change as a means of evolving and adapting. In regards to the theme of the MAPC 2014 Conference, Print City, this portfolio uses the common connections between the way that prints and cities are both established systems that by necessity and opportunity are in the process of allowing previous and new strategies to exist simultaneously. At times this relationship is one of agreement, while at other times, it is one of conflict and challenge. As an artistic medium, printmaking has a long history of effective working methods. It has been transforming with the advent of new technologies and the definition of what constitutes a multiple. As opposed to shedding the previous ways of working and thinking, the community of printmakers is adapting to the change, at times embracing and at times questioning the current directions of the medium. In a similar manner, cities in the mid-west, such as Detroit, are in the process of becoming something new through the necessity of change because of the shifting economic landscape in the country. The discourse of how to balance the history of the city with these new economic realities is a current topic of much debate. Artists participating in this portfolio are asked to create a print that is their interpretation of a changing system. The subject may involve current issues, such as the present state of many mid-west cities, or it may focus on topics that are individual to the artist. The structure of the portfolio reflects the theme. Including the organizer, there will be six initial participants, who will each invite one additional print artist that work in print each. "Specifications Paper Size: 15x20 Image Size: Artists Choice. The image may be a bleed, or smaller than the paper size. Number of participating artists: 12 Size of Edition: 14 -One of the extra copies of the portfolio will be donated to the Grand Valley State University print collection, and will be used in an exhibit in the future at the university. Final Presentation of the Prints: The prints will be presented in cloth covered book-board portfolios with a title sheet which will list all of the participants and will be numbered. After the prints are received, a statement reflecting on the content and relationship of the prints in the portfolio. The statement will be included with all of the portfolios. Presentation of the Prints for Exhibition: The prints can be presented without frames. A display system such as magnets is suggested. Display magnets and instructions for how to use them for the display of the prints can be provided by the curator. Other display systems can be used, as long as the prints would not be damaged by pin holes, or other display systems that puncture the work. Due Date for Prints: August 15, 2014 ___________________________ Acceptance Letter for the Portfolio Dear Bill, Thank you for submitting your themed portfolio to be considered for exhibition during the MAPC Print City 2014 Conference. We have received a great response and enjoyed reviewing all the submissions. So now for the good news: Your proposal, The Evolving System, has been chosen. Congratulations! The MAPC Conference will take place September 24-27, 2014. The work in your portfolio is scheduled to be on exhibit at Whitdel Arts from September 12 through October 18, with a reception to take place during the conference. Accepted work must arrive at Whitdel Arts by August 31, 2014. Drop off times and dates: • Saturday, August 30th, noon-3pm • Sunday, August 31st, noon-3pm Artists living in the Metro Detroit area are responsible for transporting their works to Whitdel Arts by the drop-off date. Artists living outside Metro Detroit and shipping their work to Whitdel Arts are responsible for making sure their work arrives by the drop off date. Artists having their work delivered by a third party carrier are responsible for all shipping costs and insurance. Return shipping must be included with the work upon its arrival at Whitdel Arts. Whitdel Arts will not ship any artwork back to the artists until return shipping is received. Shipped artwork must come in a sturdy, reusable shipping container; please no packing peanuts or glass. Please include instructions for installation. If you are planning on shipping your work, please email me at jenclare@whitdelarts.com for more instructions. All artists are responsible for insurance of their work (if the artist desires insurance) while is it at Whitdel Arts between the drop off date and the day it is picked up/returned. Whitdel Arts is located at 1250 Hubbard St., Suite B1, Detroit, MI, 48209. If you are dropping off your work in person, please look for our gallery entrance on Porter St. All work must be ready to be hung and/or installed. Whitdel Arts reserves the right to omit any accepted work not ready for installation or if it is not as described in the artists submission. Attached to this email, you will find the Whitdel Arts consignment form. Please include information for all of the pieces that will be in the portfolio. Sales: Since your proposal is for a themed portfolio, with a specific number of editions to be created, it is assumed none of the artwork is for sale during the exhibition. However, if for some reason artwork is able to be sold during the exhibition, Whitdel Arts takes a 33% commission fee of the sales price, regardless of other gallery affiliation the artist may have. Artwork need not be for sale. Work Pick Up: Unsold hand-delivered artwork must be picked up by the artist by October 19, 2014. Whitdel Arts will return shipped artwork that has return shipping included. Whitdel Arts will not ship any artwork back to the artist until return shipping is received. After 30 days after the end of the exhibition, any unclaimed artwork, sold or unsold, remaining in the gallery becomes the property of Whitdel Arts. Whitdel Arts reserves the right to dispose of any artwork remaining in the gallery after 30 days after the end of the exhibition. For questions or additional inquiries, please email me at jenclare@whitdelarts.com. We are all so pleased with the great response. Thank you so much for your support. Without support from artists and the community, Whitdel Arts would not be able to continue its work. It is inspiring to see what fellow artists are creating, and we hope to work with you again in the future. Cheers, ~JenClare Gawaran Board of Directors, President Whitdel Arts 1250 Hubbard St. Suite B1, Detroit, MI 48209 jenclare@whitdelarts.com

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Mid-American Printmaking Conference

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Detroit, MI

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