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School Psychology and Behavior Analysis: Integrating the BCBA into School Psychology Training


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College of Liberal Arts and Sciences

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Social and Behavioral Sciences


The field of applied behavior analysis (ABA) has tremendous influence on the current practice of school psychology. While ABA practices such as function-based Intervention planning, direct Instruction, and school-wide positive behavior support are widely utilized in practice, relatively few school psychology training programs provide formal training in ABA. Increasingly, this additional certification is becoming highly desirable for individuals who work in school settings, both to provide additional training in ABA practices and terminology, and to help school professionals implement more effective services for students from special populations, such as students with autism spectrum disorder or traumatic brain injury. Although this certification is desirable, and the practices align well with training in school psychology programs, relatively few programs provide opportunities for dual certification. This poster presents results from a descriptive study that reviewed NASP-approved training programs that also provide the coursework and experiences needed for the BCBA, discusses the benefits and challenges of implementing dual certification programs, and presents a training model that allows school psychology students to also earn a graduate certificate in ABA, which meets the coursework requirements for the BCBA.

Conference Name

2015 Annual Conference Trainers of School Psychologists & NASP 2015 Annual Convention

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Orlando, FL

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