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The Socio-economic Effects of Neoliberal Economic Policies in Yemen and Sudan


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Brooks College of Interdisciplinary Studies


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There is an extensive record of scholarly publications addressing the effects of neoliberal economic policies, or what has been often referred to as the Washington consensus (see e.g. Atoyan 2006; Babb 2003). Most of these scholarly works focus on developing states in Latin America and South and Southwest Asia, examining the effects of these policies from various political, social, and economic perspectives (Kaufman Segura-Ubiergo 2001; Rudra 2002; Wibbels 2006; Rodrik 1994; Stokes 2001; Weyland 1996). Although, neoliberal economic policies have been adopted in Yemen and Sudan over the last two decades, we have yet to achieve a profound understanding of the magnitude of their effects. Most studies to date have focused more on overall general economic indicators and less on specific socio-economic aspects.

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