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The Encyclopédie & French Revolution


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I am attending this conference in order to participate in two panels. 1) I am chairing a panel of GV undergraduates who will present their scholarly research on the 18th century French Encyclopédie. Their research agendas grow out of their participation in the Reacting to the Past game module, "The Enlightenment in Crisis: Diderots Encyclopédie in a Parisian Salon, 1751-1759" that I have co-authored with Professor David Eick. This panel marks an opportunity for these undergraduates to present their work before leading scholars in the field of 18th century studies. Presenters: Caitlin McCullough, Katie Torkelson, Scott St. Louis Chair: Gretchen Galbraith 2) The second panel will introduce conference participants to the Reacting to the Past pedagogy in the form of a micro-version of the game set in the French Revolution. Rousseau, Burke and Revolution in France, 1791: A Micro-game. This session will immerse participants in the political and ideological fervor of Revolutionary Paris via a Reacting to the Past micro-game. In RTTP games students are assigned roles in crucial flash points in the history of ideas. To win, they must read closely, speak and write persuasively, conduct library research, think creatively and collaborate. Grand Valley State University students Caitlin McCullough, Katie Torkelson, Scott St. Louis will serve as preceptors (or ringers). The session will be lead by Gretchen Galbraith, Professor of History at Grand Valley State University. For information on Reacting to the Past pedagogy, see: http://reacting.barnard.edu/.

Conference Name

South Central Society for 18th Century Studies Annual Conference

Conference Location

Point Clear, Alabama

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