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The GAISE (Guidelines for Assessment and Instruction in Statistics Education) College Report is an ASA endorsed document that provides statistics teachers with important information regarding best practices in teaching and assessing students. These guidelines have become the go-to for teachers of statistics throughout the world in all areas, from single teachers at two-year colleges to groups of teachers from research institutions. GAISE is extremely well known and has been referenced in countless journal articles, grants, workshops, and presentations, and has had a huge impact on how statistics is taught. The original GAISE guidelines were endorsed in 2005, and while the overarching goals and major guidelines for teaching and assessing statistics are certainly timeless, changes in how teaching is put into practice are natural over time, such as new focus on randomization, and the use of new software to integrate teaching and learning simultaneously. Because of all the exciting changes in statistics education tools and methods, ASA has made it a priority to revise GAISE accordingly, so it continues to be easily and clearly applicable to teachers of statistics. To accomplish this goal, ASA has recently charged a committee with revising and updating the College Report of the Guidelines for Assessment and Instruction in Statistics Education (GAISE). Four members of the new GAISE committee will be facilitating this session. The goal of the session is to bring together and connect instructors who share the goal of learning more about GAISE, reflecting on how the landscape has changed in Statistics Education in the last 10 years, and brainstorming ways the newer GAISE report can inform the teaching of their own introductory statistics courses.

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United States Conference on Teaching Statistics

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Penn State University

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