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Detect and Defend System On a Stick (D2S2) Against GPS Spoofing Attack


School of Computing and Information Systems


Padnos College of Engineering and Computing

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With the wide spread of self driving cars, the need for safer and secure roadways became evident in the Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS). For flexible deployment of smart vehicles in the ITS, smart vehicles communicate freely with each others using ad-hoc paradigm known as Inter-Vehicle Communication (IVC) over a universally available pool of channels. Unfortunately, this open access to the ITS system can be exploited by hackers to fuzz the system, break into it and cause a roadway danger. In this paper, we examine the possible security threats in the ITS system due to the exploitation of the vehicles GPS system. We propose a novel driver assistant system called Detect and Defend on a Stick System (D2S2) to detect and protect against GPS Spoofing attack. In order to validate the D2S2 mechanism, our simulation experiments were focused on developing a mechanism to detect malicious vehicle (the "attacker") that would lie about its GPS coordinates and defending the target vehicle (the "victim") from taking potentially dangerous evasive maneuvers. The victim vehicles defense system is observed under both normal non-attack and attack circumstances and positive results are obtained.

Conference Name

The 14th Annual Security Conference

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Las Vegas, NV

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