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I ask for support in traveling to Italy in July of 2014 so that I may participate in two phases of the Grumo Music Festival. July 7-13 I will conduct the festival orchestra and supervise the programming of concerts (that work already begun). Performances will be as follows: July 9, Tesero, St. Leonardo Church (Orchestra and chamber music) July 10, Cavalese, Palazzo della Magnifica Comunita' July 11, Tesero, City Theatre July 12, Tesero, City Theatre - Opera Pergolesi: "La Serva Padrona" July 13, Final Students' Concert. Tesero, Il Pentagramma Music School (Chamber music and soloists--student) July 13, Cavalese, Palazzo della Magnifica Comunita' - Opera Lupis: "Il Pianista Disgraziato" Then I will conduct the two operas (Pergolesi and Lupis) on tour, as follows: July 16, Genzano, Opera Tour - July 17, Genzano, Opera Tour - July 18, Perugia, Chiostro San Fiorenzo, Opera Tour - July 19, Bologna, Chiostro S. Cecilia, Opera Tour -July 21, Binetto, Largo Chiesa, Opera Tour - July 22, Toritto, Chiostro del Comune, Opera Tour - July 23, Grumo Appula, Zuccaro Concert My duties are as follows: 1. Conduct rehearsals and performances. 2. Coordinate programming of all concerts--schedule artist and student performers and play piano or cello, or conduct, as needed. Arrange music for soloists so that it can be performed by our small orchestra. 4. Work to ensure a productive opportunity for the students (6 of them GVSU Music Majors) and for two fellow faculty who will attend and will be featured as soloists: Dr. Pablo Mahave-Veglia, and Dr. Min Jin. I will need to learn 2 hours-worth of music rather quickly--including the mastery of the translations. This will not be the first time that I will have worked with singers, but I anticipate learning from the challenges in conducting live performances with solo and ensemble singers and accompanying ensemble in different venues. These experiences will shape and feed my work here at home: I will have several more arrangements to share with the Fall, 2014 Instrumentation/Orchestration class, and I will be better able to help students in my Sight-Singing classes. I ask for travel reimbursement for CSCE and from the Department of Music and Dance. I intend to cover other costs. Thank you for your consideration. Lee Copenhaver

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Grumo Music Festival

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Italy: Tesero, etc

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