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Traditional, Hybrid, Online: Experiences Teaching Statistics in the Health Sciences


Statistics Department


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Physical Sciences and Mathematics


For many years, I have taught a traditional (face-to-face) course in applied statistical methods of data analysis to graduate students in health sciences. This course is required for many programs, including nursing, occupational therapy, physical therapy, public health, and physician assistant studies. Students learn t-tests, linear and logistic regression, one and two-way analysis of variance, analysis of covariance, chi-square tests, and nonparametric methods. Recently published journal articles from the health science literature are discussed in class (or online) and are part of homework assignments and exams. More recently, I have taught the course in hybrid and online formats. The hybrid and online sections of the course make extensive use of the learning management system Blackboard (Bb). Bb tools used are learning modules, discussion boards, and grading uploaded assignments within the grade center. Other tools used in the creation of online materials are Camtasia video creation software and the tablet app Explain Everything. In this poster presentation, I will summarize my experience converting the traditional course first to hybrid then to online. Successes and failures in the creation of online materials such as screencasts will be covered. Techniques for worthwhile online discussions will be explored. Results from a recent pilot study comparing a traditional section to an online section using the Goals and Outcomes Associated with Learning Statistics (GOALS) test will be given, along with a narrative of the difficulties encountered in conducting the study.

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State College, PA

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