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Solo Exhibition "Mining Industries" at Heller Gallery, New York, NY


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I have been honored with an invitation to exhibit my new project "Mining Industries" at Heller Gallery, New York, NY, March 6-April 12. Heller Gallery is covering all publicity for the project including a full-page advertisement in Glass Magazine and American Craft. Mining Industries (supported by a CSCE Summer Research Grant-in Aid, March 2012) explores land use through time with the incorporation of LiDar 3D scan data of the earth and 3d printed output. The project focuses on sites in Detroit. Houston, and Seattle with architectural and cultural significance at the peak of each cities industry. These cities and sites witnessed significant change over the 20th century and in the case of Detroit are abandoned remnants of a manufacturing center. Sandwiched between layers of glass are obscured aerial photographs giving reference to a time of peak industrial power. The glass is a fragile reminder of the balance between time, efficiency, and the inability of manufacturing to change and meet future needs. The project aims to reconcile the potential of Detroits future while creating a comparison to its past. I am requesting $500 from CSCE to help defray the cost of a cargo van rental to transport my project and myself to New York. To ship the project with professional art handlers is estimated at over $2500 and round trip airfare is estimated at $360 (Kalamazoo to New York). Renting a cargo van will allow me to transport the project and attend the opening at a significantly reduced cost. I will be in attendance at the opening reception on March 6th and plan to give a free and public gallery talk on Saturday, March 8th. I also plan to use $200 from my Department Faculty Development funds to cover additional expenses while in New York and an estimated $312 in personal funds to cover my food while traveling March 2-9, 2014. In addition, I will also submit a Mini Grant application to help defray the costs associated transport of the work. Costs for my travel and transport of artwork are as follows: Cargo van rental, March 1-9, $473.76 Round trip fuel cost, $347.86 Parking in New York, NY (five days @ 40.00 per day) $200 Meas, $321 Lodging, hoping/planning to stay with the gallery owners in Manhattan as it will be much easier for setup and also be a way to reduce costs

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Heller Gallery Solo Exhibition

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New York, NY

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