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Disappearing France


School of Communications


College of Liberal Arts and Sciences


Arts and Humanities


"The elderly women of Nice, France, seem to exist only intermittently." Disappearing France is a short experimental documentary film. The elderly women of Nice seem to carry a dignity and a sense of history in their faces and hands that contrast with Nices modern face of youth, glamor, multiculturalism and advertising. Disappearing France is a thoughtful visual study of the elder women of Nice, as viewed on that citys public buses. They seem to appear only intermittently as so many other elements compete for our attention. Ethnografilm is a juried, international film festival. Submissions were programmed by a screening committee, and the University Film & Video Association is a sponsor. (http://ufva.org) From the Ethnografilm Festival website: "Ethnografilm is co-sponsored by the International Social Science Council (ISSC) and the Society for Social Studies of Science (4S). We celebrate the art and science of non-fiction filmmaking and promote the field of video ethnography, serving as a showcase for work and forum for dialog between independent and academic documentary filmmakers." Accessed 15 February 2014, http://www.ethnofilmfest.org/

Conference Name

Ethnografilm Festival

Conference Location

Paris, France

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