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Faster! short film has been accepted to the Citizen Jane Film Festival, which is organized by Stephens College, Columbia, MO, and supported by the The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences. The festival has organizers have invited me to attend and will provide hotel accommodations for my visit, allowing me to participate in panel discussions (such as a Question & Answer session after the screening) and other events. Attending a festival with ones work is the best way to meet future collaborators and build audiences for future work. The timing of this festival coincides with my continued work in post-production on my feature film The Alley Cat, and start development on a new feature film, The Nymph, and as such will help me find audiences and potentially collaborators for both. Citizen Jane Film Festival exists in order to give voice to female filmmakers, while simultaneously looking forward to the day when such festivals are no longer necessary - when women have achieved equal representation as filmmakers.

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Citizen Jane Film Festival

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Columbia, MO

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