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Committee on Teaching and Public Education Roundtable: Teacher and Scholar: Working with Your Local K-12 Schools


History Department


College of Liberal Arts and Sciences


Arts and Humanities


The Roundtable's purpose is to showcase some of the different types of interactions university faculty were having with K-12 teachers, ranging from grant-writing and workshops to more traditional teacher education. It includes the following who range from teachers of teachers, like myself, to note scholars that are well published in the traditional historic field. Chair: Linda Sargent Wood, Northern Arizona University Panelists: Patricia Nelson Limerick, University of Colorado, Boulder David M. Wrobel, University of Oklahoma Scott L. Stabler, Grand Valley State University Anne F. Hyde, Colorado College Patricia Loughlin, University of Central Oklahoma Brian S. Collier, University of Notre Dame

Conference Name

Vital Signs: Earth, Power, Lives

Conference Location

Tucson, AZ

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