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Lesson Study as a Framework for Pre-service Teacher's Early Field-based Experiences




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The theoretical framework for this study is based on a review of the literature across two different, yet mutually relevant, areas of research in mathematics education, pre-service teachers' field based experiences (Zeichner, 1981) and Japanese lesson study (Stigler & Hiebert, 1999; Takahashi and Yoshida, 2004). Zeichner (1981) discusses two contrasting issues related to pre-service teachers' field based experiences. First, these field-based experiences are perceived to be a necessary component for teacher preparation. In contrast, some scholars question the significance of the experience other than an enculturation into the existing socio-cultural norms of the teaching profession. An emerging framework for in-service teacher improvement is lesson study. This presentation reflects on the use of lesson study as a framework for pre-service teachers' field-based experiences that takes place early in their collegiate coursework. The goal was to use lesson study to give students a different model for professional development, that is (1) collaborative, (2) focused on childrens' understanding of mathematics, and (3) exposes the pre-service teachers to the nature of mathematics instruction. This chapter describes how lesson study was modified to accommodate the difference between pre-service and in-service teachers' experiences, and reflects on the enactment of these modifications in the collegiate course.

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Psychology of Mathematics Education Annual Conference

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Columbus, OH

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