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Immigrants Admitted Through the Diversity Immigrant Visa Program: Who are they and how do they compare?


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There are four principal ways, otherwise known as categories of admission, in which the foreign-born may become legal permanent residents. The first is through family sponsorship. Individuals residing in the U.S. legally and permanently, either citizens or legal permanent residents, can sponsor their foreign-born relatives through family categories, some without limit and others with limits, which are part of the family visa preference system. Employment-based preferences are another category of admission. Most employment categories also require sponsorship by the employer and the number of foreign-born who can become legal permanent residents under the employment preference category are also limited. Refugees and asylees, immigration diversity lottery and Other/Legalization are the remaining categories of admission. Immigrants country of origin, occupation, age, education, and family status all affect the opportunities open to them and the choices they make about how, and whether, to settle permanently in the U.S. (Hayes and Hill, 2008).

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Western Economic Association Conference

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Seattle, Washington

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