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Painting on an Electronic Easel: Tips and Tricks for Using a Smart Board in Library Instruction


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University Libraries

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A 2008 survey of academic libraries reported that a third of institutions sampled had purchased interactive whiteboards for library instruction (Brigham, 2013). Despite the increase of Smart Boards in higher education, very little has been written to guide librarians in the use of these innovative teaching tools. As a former high school teacher, I have taught with a Smart Board in my classroom and have learned how to incorporate this tool to effectively enhance student engagement. Through this process, I also experienced what problems can come up in the use of Smart Boards and how to proactively prevent them. Whether participants have Smart Boards at their institutions or are just interested in learning more about their functionality, this interactive presentation will provide participants with an understanding of the research on student learning in a Smart Board classroom, sample lessons on common IL instruction topics, and a toolkit of practical tips and tricks for working with interactive whiteboards. Finally this presentation will also engage participants by challenging them to collaborate and discuss of methods of how to revamp favorite lessons to take advantage of the interactivity a Smart Board provides.

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LOEX Annual Conference

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Grand Rapids, MI

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