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Moving beyond the Safe Space: Discomfort and Feminist Teaching on the Margi


Liberal Studies Department


Brooks College of Interdisciplinary Studies

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Arts and Humanities


This paper uses autoethnographic methodologies to explore how feminist praxis that encourages accountability, intellectual and emotional engagement, and critical reflection, has the potential to create meaningful interactions in classrooms. Using the frame of critical emotional praxis, the paper will explore the role of discomfort in praxis. Many scholars have explored ways in which teachers can create safe spaces in classrooms for students to engage in dialogue, but few have written about the ways in which creating uncomfortable experiences can create the potential for students to create deeper and more meaningful connections with both the subject and their peers. The paper will explore both the potentials and the pitfalls of claiming a feminist identity and pushing students to the point of discomfort, including the ways in which this pedagogy may influence ones professional reputation and development.

Conference Name

Annual Conference on the Advancement of Women

Conference Location

Lubbock, TX

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