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Winning the 'Write' War: Breaking Down the Barrier of Silence in Small Group Discussions




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When working with developmental writers in small groups, breaking down the barrier of silence presents a tremendous challenge. If I want students to engage in genuine dialogue about their writing, then I need to empower them so that they can share freely in groups without the menace of ridicule. This semester, I strategized, designed a tactic, and marched into my classrooms with a mission to battle the awkward silence. However, I found myself on the receiving end, humbly learning a great deal about group communication and my shortfalls. Facilitating rich academic dialogue amongst developmental writers required me to closely log observations about group dynamics, open a clearer line of communication with writing consultants, and most arduous: admit defeat with some activities and adjust my pedagogy accordingly. Out of sixteen writing groups, eighty-five percent have successfully developed "safe zones" where students dialogue and share their writing willingly. As I continue this venture with my eyes and ears wide open, I realize that letting my students teach me how to combat the silence and facilitate genuine small group discussion is a battle worth winning.

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115th Michigan Academy of Science Arts and Letters Annual Conference

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Saginaw Valley State University, Saginaw, Michigan

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