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Minority Status and Workers Commitment to Their Union: Liberal versus Conservative


Sociology Department


College of Liberal Arts and Sciences

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Social and Behavioral Sciences


In our study of attitudes among industrial workers at a plant in the United States, the analysis reveals differences between white males on one side, and women and minorities on the other side. Specifically, the survey question targeted was In order to succeed, my union should work with outside groups such as civil rights and environmental groups. In efforts to ascertain this information, data was collected on two surveys that were administered to a major industrial union of 1,640 workers, one in 2004 and another in 2007. The results follow similar findings in other studies that white males specifically, and whites in general in the working class are diverging in social attitudes compared to their minority and female coworkers. Generally, women and minorities are becoming consistently liberal, while white males in particular are becoming consistently conservative. This has significant ramifications for organized labor, labor politics and wider gender relations.

Conference Name

12th International Conference in New Directions in the Humanities

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Madrid, Spain

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