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Going Beyond Comprehension: Artful Thinking and the Common Core


English Department


College of Liberal Arts and Sciences

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Arts and Humanities


Presentation I: Common Core standards in English/Language Arts call upon teachers to move children beyond the mere comprehension of text, towards a deeper engagement suggesting that students interact with text using critical, evidence-based thinking from multiple points of view. This interactive session will first engage participants in a Visible Thinking experience highlighting two thinking routines that can be used to enter text in ways that are compatible with what is being asked for in the Common Core. A transcribed example of students engaged in the same thinking routine as well as their written work will be examined and compared to language taken from the Common Core ELA Standards. Presentation II: Disturbance: Engaging Students through Ideas of Wide Scope - Janet Navarro & Rod Rock This interactive course will invite participants to examine an idea of wide scope(D. Perkins) as they explore the role disturbance could play in changing educational practices in ways that are responsive to 21st Century learning environments, whether those practices are at the level of policy creation, administrative decision making, classroom interaction, or digital contexts. We will examine ideas about disturbance from several viewpoints, using Thinking Routines. Examples of current dilemmas found in educational contexts will be used to prompt discussion. Throughout the session, participants will be encouraged to reflect on their own ideas and practices so as to highlight areas of change they can enact in their own settings.

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Project Zero Perspectives: How and When Does Learning Thrive

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Memphis, TN

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