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An Analysis of Geographically Relevant Content in Michigan Statutes: A frontier for public sector enhancement and curricular opportunities.


Geography & Planning


College of Liberal Arts and Sciences

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All Michigan statutes were analyzed for their explicit regulatory and/or administrative geographic content and/or context. 160 statutes matched these criteria. While not mandated as a management or analysis tool, implicitly GIS/GIT can and should play a large role in the administration and execution of these 160 statutes. Several of these statutes were highly interrelated, sharing common regulatory geographic dimensions. Promotion of GIS in combination with these 160 statutes should exemplify the significance of this management tool in the Public Sector especially in times of scarce resources. This reality also opens up curricular opportunities to better prepare students for future GIS/GIT careers in the public sector.

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Annual Meeting Association of American Geographers

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Seattle WA

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