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Health Literacy and Social Support: A Close Look at Elderly Immigrants' Health Care and Their Use of Traditional Chinese Medicine


School of Communications


College of Liberal Arts and Sciences




This study examines the use of Traditional Chinese Medicine among elderly immigrants in the United States. The participants of this study are 18 (Female = 11; Male = 7) Chinese elderly immigrants from a Chinese community in Mid-west part of the United States. Focus group and individual interviews were conducted to explore: (a) Chinese elderly immigrants' knowledge and understanding about Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and Western medicine; (b) What determines their health care practice? According to the interviews and focus group, participants' health care experience in both TCM and Western medicine reveals: (a) they have high health literacy (great knowledge and understanding) in both systems; (b) they have positive view about both systems and recommend the integration in their health care; (c) they need their social support group for a better health care outcome.

Conference Name

International Conference on Social Science

Conference Location

Shanghai, China

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