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Heidegger's Methodological Maxim


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Social and Behavioral Sciences


In the Introduction to Being and Time Heidegger calls To the things themselves the maxim of phenomenology. I argue that Heidegger recognized the maxims normativity but thought that Husserls understanding of it made it an inadequate guide for the phenomenological method. I show that Heidegger revised the maxim in his Marburg years with a focus on its role as a principle. The revised maxim specifies how to engage in phenomenological inquiry by calling the phenomenologists attention to the violence our fore-conceptions can do to the way phenomena show themselves. With this revised maxim in mind I reconsider the grounds of Heideggers critique of Husserl in the Marburg years, and explain his conclusion that Husserls phenomenology was unphenomenological. Finally, I show that Heideggers attempts to abide by his more rigorous maxim appear to fail.

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North American Heidegger Circle

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St. Petersburg, FL

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