Session Location

Grand Valley State University, Eberhard Center, EC 612

Session Start Date and Time

22-8-2012 10:45 AM

Session End Date and Time

22-8-2012 11:35 AM

Session Description

The new Mary Idema Pew Library will embody the spirit of modern learning with a mix of social, intellectual, and technological opportunities for the GVSU community. An innovative Knowledge Market will allow students to shop for on-demand services, such as library research, writing, and oral presentations. Interactive digital displays will showcase thought-provoking information designed to enhance campus learning experiences. Special presentation areas will invite passersby to stop and join in the conversation. Diverse teaching and learning spaces have been designed throughout the building to encourage student, faculty, staff, and community interaction. Participants will hear about these new learning spaces, followed by a discussion about instructional opportunities and a Q&A with library faculty.

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Aug 22nd, 10:45 AM Aug 22nd, 11:35 AM

Session 10: Mary Idema Pew Library: A Technology-Rich Learning Space for Today's Students

Grand Valley State University, Eberhard Center, EC 612