Session Location

Grand Valley State University, Eberhard Center, EC 421

Session Start Date and Time

22-8-2012 10:45 AM

Session End Date and Time

22-8-2012 11:35 AM

Session Description

For many faculty members, educational technology is either: 1) a convenient way to replace syllabi that students have lost; 2) an attempt to hold the attention of straying students; or 3) a recipe for taking students out of the classroom in order to learn "online." In this session we explore a fourth option, often called the "Flipped Classroom," that aims to increase the value of your class time and deepen your students' learning. The secret? A pedagogically-sound use of technology that allows you to spend your time where your students need you the most.

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Aug 22nd, 10:45 AM Aug 22nd, 11:35 AM

Session 02: Where They Need You the Most: Using Technology to Flip Your Classroom

Grand Valley State University, Eberhard Center, EC 421