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Education-Higher Education (M.Ed.)

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College of Education

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Laila McCloud

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The underutilization of food assistance resources has plagued institutions attempting to address student food insecurity. Research has demonstrated that first-year, first-generation students are reluctant to use and uncomfortable using food assistance resources, including campus food pantries, because of stigmatization. However, this issue is not new or isolated, as evidenced by the stigma and food inequity conceptual framework (Earnshaw & Karpyn, 2020), which outlines the historical and socio-cultural implications of food inaccessibility augmented by the stigmatization of social identities in conjunction with food assistance use. Thus, this project addresses stigmatization directly and explicitly through a First-Year Experience workshop that incorporates open dialogue about food assistance stigmatization. This workshop intends to encourage students to address food assistance stigmatization and to utilize their campus food assistance resources if and whenever they are experiencing food insecurity.