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Education (M.Ed.)

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College of Education

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Shawn A. Bultsma

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Labor market projections indicate that across all industries, jobs will require increased post-secondary education, credentials, and training requirements. The U.S. will not have the workers that meet these requirements, resulting in a worker shortage. Knowing this predicted shift, our current education system is charged with the responsibility of educating and preparing students for these positions and to fill the needs of our society. Career development is a lifelong process beginning in childhood, and school counselors are responsible for supporting this healthy development. Despite this call to action, there is a of lack content, resources, or evidence-based programs available for elementary career counseling interventions. This project explores and combines the developmental needs of elementary students and effective implementation strategies for healthy career growth to create a ready-to-use fourth grade Tier One intervention for school counselors. All necessary resources are included for lesson plans, career day facilitation, and parent/guardian involvement. Data collection procedures within the unit will facilitate the creation of evidence for school counselors and researchers to more effectively advance the elementary career development field, advocate for elementary school counseling, and implement evidence-based career counseling interventions.