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Occupational Therapy (M.S.)

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Occupational Science and Therapy

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Scott Truskowski

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Object: There is limited research about how virtual reality is used in therapeutic settings and how specifically occupational therapy finds it valuable, when in the OT process to use VR, and across what setting and diagnosis it is utilized in. This descriptive study design is intended to determine when practitioners utilize VR during the OT process, what their aims are for using it, the types of VR systems being utilized, as well as anecdotal comparison of outcomes using VR versus other therapy modalities. To further explore this, qualitative one on one interviews will be conducted with practicing Occupational Therapists in order to uncover how VR is being utilized throughout the OT process and in what settings and with what populations it is proving to be most beneficial and valuable.

Method: One on one interviews were designed and will be conducted via convenience sampling by Occupational Therapy students at Grand Valley State University.

Results: Due to time constraints and a lack of participants and thus responses no data was able to be collected in the available time frame.

Conclusion: Although no data was able to be collected at this time this research question is still valuable to the field of occupational therapy and the emerging area of practice that is VR. Future research is needed to further understand the relationship between occupational therapy and VR.

Keywords: virtual reality, occupational therapy, immersive reality, occupational performance issues, outcomes, specific virtual reality systems