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Education-Literacy Studies: Reading (M.Ed.)

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College of Education

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Elizabeth Stolle

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Educators have many demands placed on them that influences classroom instruction and the amount of time spent on each subject area. Teachers typically spend a large part of the day focusing on reading. However, they are less likely to spend the same amount of time on writing instruction. This project states the importance of writing instruction having an equal amount of time devoted to it as reading and should be taught in coordination with reading. It is important for students to receive quality writing instruction because it is a skill they will need to develop to become successful in post secondary school and beyond. This project will be an informational professional development session designed to show educators the value of time spent on writing instruction and how combining writing instruction with reading instruction will help improve writing education. At the completion of the professional development course, educators in attendance will hopefully take what they have learned and apply it to his or her classroom to improve the quality of writing instruction. Along with the professional development session this project will include follow up professional learning community (PLC) meeting outlines, monthly PLC meeting agendas, writing stages tracking form, writing progress tracking record, and a self monitoring record for teachers.

Key words: early childhood education, writing instruction, professional development