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Education-Educational Leadership (M.Ed.)

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College of Education

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Cathy Meyer-Looze

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The field of education is a constantly unsettled field with new pedagogical trends, new policies and immense attrition rates at every turn. Upon attempting to study the causes and effects of teacher attrition, it can be deduced that there is no one cause yet one major effect: student achievement. Schools that have lower rates of student achievement typically have difficulty maintaining a highly effective teaching staff. This issue affects any and all types of schools, some more than others. In order to guarantee students a right to an equitable education, school leaders must create supportive mentoring and induction programs for novice teachers to encourage their retention. As schools see retention rates rise, they will hopefully see an increase in student achievement. The literature studied in this project spans many years and many states, countries, continents. Schools have been riddled with this problem for years in many different places. As caretakers of the education of future leaders, school leaders and teachers alike must devise a system in which it is without question that students are receiving what they need and deserve.