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Medical Dosimetry (M.S.)

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Health Professions

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Destiny Jacobs

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Purpose: To evaluate time savings, efficiency, and accuracy of an automated planning software.

Methods: 10 previously treated breast cancer patients with supraclavicular involvement were retrospectively planned using a monosiocentric field-in-field technique by both an automated treatment planning software and a human planner. Time spent on planning was recorded and after plans were generated, dose constraints and target coverage were measured to evaluate overall plan quality.

Results: Time spent for planning was significantly decreased when using a FIF plan generated by the automated planning software. CTV target coverage for both the breast and supraclavicular volumes and dose to OARs for both plans were clinically comparable. The plans generated by EZFluence did have a significantly higher amount of 5350 cGy contained within the plan compared to the manually created FIF plan.

Conclusion: While EZFluence greatly reduced overall planning time and produced clinically acceptable plans, the generated plans had a higher hot spot and a higher volume of 5350 cGy within the plan.

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Oncology Commons